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 Blair (Soul eater Manga and Anime)

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Blair (Soul eater Manga and Anime)  Empty
PostSubject: Blair (Soul eater Manga and Anime)    Blair (Soul eater Manga and Anime)  EmptySat Aug 03, 2013 9:02 pm

Blair  is a cat in the series. She has strong magical powers, however, she has stated explicitly that she is not a true Witch but a mere cat.

Clan passive:

Cats have 9 lives: When the user dies the body is restored and is sent back into the battle for one more time with 9 HP left. (Activates every 2 minutes to make sure it makes so it the user's move activates every time giving them no death.  deaths)

Clan Skills:

Halloween Cannon- The user fires a giant Pumpkin with face cravings decorated cannon ball results in a AOE explosion when coming in contact with a player and or Object.  

Flying Pumpkin- The user takes the Sky and fly's on a giant Pumpkin.

Smashing Pumpkin-  the user Jumps off there flying Pumpkin and drops it directly under neath them causing a AOE Explosion Blast.

Transform- the user turns into a cat, yes a fucking CAT Very Happy, the user gets a speed boost and is immune to close range attacks. (Can not fight back in this form)

Mini Pumpkin Hell Rain- The user Double clicks a area to drop a  shitload of homing pumpkins from the sky and rain them on the opponent.

Halloween Hat Grapple- Grabs the user with it's magic hat and holds them in place. (Similar too Snare)

Pumpkin Gun Volly- Shoots Multiple Pumpkins infront of the user at a super fast rate stacking on layers and layers of damage. (Built like Gaara's sand shuriken but on steroids.)

Pumpkin Overload- the user teleports around the user placing pumpkins around the Opponents Body placing Exploding Pumpkins on every corner a no Escape Explosion Grave.

Kamikaze Pumpkins- The user's strongest move Holds a Giant Pumpkin and Explodes it in there hand causing  killing there self in a firey AOE attack, Deadly if caught in the explosion with them.

that's all hope you enjoy mah shit Blair ftw!  Twisted Evil

- Sincerely, K.Dot
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Blair (Soul eater Manga and Anime)
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