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 Kishin (Asura) Soul eater anime & Manga

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Kishin (Asura) Soul eater anime & Manga Empty
PostSubject: Kishin (Asura) Soul eater anime & Manga   Kishin (Asura) Soul eater anime & Manga EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 6:57 pm

Asura is the primary antagonist in Soul Eater. He was a member of the Eight Powerful Warriors, also known as the Great Old Ones, and the first Kishin to ever come into existence. Asura was Lord Death's first son, born from a fragment of his soul. His younger brother, Death the Kid, was born from the same process.

Clan Battle Skills:

Demonic Shield- The user summons a shield infront of them being able to take almost the strongest attacks without them breaking through it.

Compressed Soul wavelength Beams- The user Summons two eyes right next to his side and Shoots a very powerful beam from both of them.

Energy Blast- The user Coughs up a bit of his soul and molds it into a Energy Blast and fires it at the Target.

Drill attack- the user lunges himself forward using compressed air and drills himself toward his enemy with his sword sticking out of his mouth able to hurt the enemy badly and break through some forms of Defense.

Madness Wavelength- The user passes on a invisible Homing Blast of Madness to attack the enemy's braincells destroying them from the inside.

Skin Scarves Attack- The User rips his skin into four Wips infront of him to use as a 4 tile ranged attack against his Enemy .

Hell Stab - The user throws his finger extending it at his enemy making it go through there heart, can pierce through enemy's but not Objects.

Welp that's about it feel free to make any changes you would like - K.Dot
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Kishin (Asura) Soul eater anime & Manga
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