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 Black Blood (Corna) Soul Eater

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Black Blood (Corna) Soul Eater Empty
PostSubject: Black Blood (Corna) Soul Eater   Black Blood (Corna) Soul Eater EmptyMon Jul 29, 2013 10:35 pm

Black Blood Master- Crona (Anime & Manga Soul Eater)

Clan Passives-

Blood Madness- the user takes in more madness from the blood then it is supposed to handle and gets amazing regeneration to it's HP Making them Damn near Invincible for this moment, Though if it takes damage during it's fast healing from the black blood cells the madness reverses the damage it took during that state most likely making things alot worse.

Blood Dragon- a Soul Resonance, where the user absorbs all the human soul eggs and morph into the black blood dragon enhancing all the users attacks.

Clan Skills:

Bloody Needles- after the users blood is spilled (takes damage) it uses it's blood to coat around it self making a shield  heavily damaging the enemy if it gets too close.

Blood Slicer- a one tile range move where the user creates a blood spike out the wrist and drive's it into the enemy's Body.

Bloody Slicer Hell On Earth-User teleports around the enemy 12 times each time cutting them open with the Bloody Slicer.

Bloody Spear- the user forms a giant Black Blood Spear and Launches it as it's Opponent Dealing the Worse damage if used At a Point Blank close range, (takes time to charge)

Screech Gama- the user fires numerous homing high pitch sound waves at the enemy destroying there brain cells and making them loose coordination in there movements for a while.

Black Blood Shower- When Near death the user coughs out all his Blood in a Self Sacrifice Last Resort and creates a Field Of Black Blood Spikes Taking up Nearly the Whole Screen, The User's Most powerful move, But Costs them there life in return.

Welp that's my moveset for Crona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope you like feel free to make as many changes as you would like! - The King K.Dot
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Black Blood (Corna) Soul Eater
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