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 iron Dragon Slayer (Gajeel Redfox) Fairy tail Anime and Manga

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PostSubject: iron Dragon Slayer (Gajeel Redfox) Fairy tail Anime and Manga    Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:08 am

Gajeel Redfox is an Iron Dragon Slayer, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and a former S-Class Mage of Phantom.

Clan Skills:

Iron Dragons Roar- the user builds up Iron Dragon Magic Energy and releases it out of his/her mouth in the form of a tornado.

Iron Dragon Scales (Transformation)- The user Coats his Skin in thick Iron Dragon Scales Boosting his/her Taijutsu and Making them Flame Resistant to Normal Flames.  (gives a 2.3 Defense Boost. )

Iron Shadow Dragon (Transformation) Improves Ninjutsu an gives the User the ability to Use New Moves.

Iron Shadow Dragons Roar ( Must be in shadow dragon mode) - the user fires a shadow enhanced Version of Iron Dragons Roar, releasing a Large Field of Rapid Shadows and Iron Spikes From his Mouth.

Iron Dragon's Restraint- The user Bolts then Enemy to the Ground with Iron Nails for a few seconds Imobileising them.

Iron Dragon's Throwing Knife- Shoots a Burst Spread of 3 Knives Made Purely From his Iron.

Iron Dragon's Club- turns your hand into a weapon of a iron Club, gives small taijutsu boost and unlocks a move.

Iron Dragon's Club Revenge - a Close Range attack move the user turns his fist into a iron club and drives into the opponents Face.

Iron Shadow Dragon's Club- A more advanced Iron Dragons Club with Swirling Shadow's Around it Increasing Damage of all Iron based offense moves.

Iron Shadow Dragon's Fury:Stretches the Iron Shadow Club in a straight line to hit a enemy, good long range tech as the first one was close range.

Well that's all i got feel free to do what ever you want with it

- Sincerely, K.Dot
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iron Dragon Slayer (Gajeel Redfox) Fairy tail Anime and Manga
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