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 Ryota's Clan Suggestions

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Lord Ryota

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PostSubject: Ryota's Clan Suggestions   Ryota's  Clan Suggestions EmptyMon May 19, 2014 5:22 am

Clan Name: Prowd Warrior (Wamuu)
Clan Description:
Appearing in the show "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" he was one of the Pillar Men antagonists within the second season / Act , He uses various moves with the pipes on his body or even just his arms to create devastating wind attacks such as Sandstorm which he is majorly known for in the show. They're weak to sunlight and ripple moves (Hamon) Wamuu users also have a way of stopping a few Hamon moves (like the bubble hamon moves)at times and that is the Head Gear that they wear that has wires on them by spinning their heads rapidly they can
knock away or destroy Hamon Bubbles, there is also a horn that senses wind on it that can be used as a cannon to shoot a destructive stream of wind out of it

Clan Abilities:
Wind Mode: an ability he achieved through the Pillar Men's ability to freely control and alter their bodies. Using Wind Mode, Wamuu is able to attack using razor sharp wind that blows out of his own body, capable of shredding a human being to pieces.

Wind Suit: an ability that makes Wamuu invisible by using wind to cover himself and reflect light rays from bouncing off him, the suit takes a lot of energy to keep on and can only stay on for about 10 seconds in the show.

Holy Sandstorm: Wamuu's Famous Holy sandstorm in which he spins his arms rapidly from the elbow spinning one Clockwise and one Counter-clockwise, the major amount of spinning makes a massive wind storm able to rip a human being to shreds and even make large rocks just crumble

Atmospheric Rift: Used as a suicide move Wamuu uses his tubes to suck in large amounts of wind and compresses it into his lungs then the air is sent out through the horn upon his head, making it into an amazingly sharp blade able to cut through stone, but unfortunately he cannot use this move for long since there is allot of scraping and heat from the wind compression, which will slowly rip his body apart before collapsing.

Added Notes: Wamuu is also considered as a Vampire so moves that resemble or use sunlight are extremely effective against him.

Ryota's  Clan Suggestions Dio_br10
"Za Warudo!"
Clan Name: Vampire
Clan Description: Vampire clan, or as I'd like to refer to them "Dio" clan members are a group of vampires having the usual weakness to the sun/sunlight as well as Ripple (Hamon) users they were created from the ancient stone mask that the pillar men had many many many years ago.

Clan Abilities:

Blood Regeneration: Dio users are able to hit the touch the opponent and by using their fingers to pierce into their prey they can suck blood out of them using the tentacles in their fingers or their vampire teeth

Space Ripper Stingy Eyes: Dio users are able of shooting pressurized liquid from their eyes to slice through (sort of like a small beam like move)

Ice: Dio users are capable of vaporizing bodily fluids to freeze almost anything they touch or get touched by (Physically)

The World - The user makes their stand "The World" appear behind them which gives them a slight boost in stats that are mainly used for clan and unlocks The World: moves

The World:Circle Of Knifes - The user throws projectile knifes in whatever direction they're facing  and the knifes will randomly go at different speeds (or if not possible just make it to a certain amount of knifes in a row, like 2 or 3)

The World: MUDA MUDA MUDA! - The user teleports behind their target before doing a small amount of attacks via The World swinging rapidly at them

Ice update: well thinking over the Ice move I thought it would be better to either make this into a move that works via turning on then hitting the opponent then having a cd for an amount of time after and/or someone hits you with a melee based move it causes them to be frozen for a tiny amount of time


Ryota's  Clan Suggestions Signat10
Clan Name: Hamon Bubble (Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli)
Clan Description:Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli is one of the grandsons of Zeppeli from the first season of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, what Caesar did was bring in a new perspective to Hamon using as he showed a way to conduct it using bubbles, in the story he was a Protagonist during the second season of the show/part of manga. Caesar clan members are Hamon users that make bubbles to rip apart their opponent, hit them with Hamon after shortly exploding, or just simply refract sunlight upon their enemies.

Clan Abilities:
Repel: Hamon Bubble Users are able to use the Ripple (Hamon) and make it into a shield that lasts for a bit

Bubble Launcher: Bubbles are released from Caesar users gloves, all coated in Hamon, they make a large amount of bubbles that float around and pop with amazing density to hit objects with better impact.

Bubble Barrier: Using a single bubble covered with the ripple they can absorb the enemy into it to immobilize them for a small amount of time if hit.

Bubble Cutter: with about the same quantity of Bubble launcher, these bubbles now have the ability to slice and move a a much greater speed, and they stay intact till hitting due to Hamon, this causes them to be shaped like saucers with blade like rings surrounding them, these allow Hamon Bubble users to fire them in any direction with much better accuracy then Bubble Launcher

Bubble Cutter Gliding: A slightly upgraded version of Bubble Cutter except with only a small amount of bubbles 3 or 4 that have more effectiveness and are about to go around objects as well as home in on the enemy

Bubble Lenses: Hamon Bubble users will fire an amount of bubbles that will become stationary and they are capable of refracting light and focusing it into beams, which cause a domino effect if any light comes through, connecting the beams and firing them to hit their target

(A simpler explanation of what the moves would be like)

Repel: A shield like move that blocks projectiles and/or beams

Bubble Launcher: A random Proj firing move that shoots 8 to possibly 9 bubbles in random directions that explode for damage when they touch another player or npc, these pop after a certain amount of time after being released or after a certain distance has been covered as they move

Bubble Barrier: fires a bubble that if touches another player or NPC, encases and binds them in their spot for a few seconds, before popping and doing damage to them

Bubble Cutter: a much more accurate and faster single direction version of Bubble launcher, these bubbles to not pop until they've hit something,

Bubble Cutter Gliding: a homing bubble cutter except with only about 3 or 4 bubbles that do a good bit of damage and are homing attacks,
Side Note: Bubble Cutter Gliding would work sort of like Shurikens from Rogues, cept they have a good drain amount per usage

Bubble Lenses: An AOE move that makes Bubble Cutters appear around a 3x3 radius of the user, these bubble cutters quickly shine and do major damage, as this will be the strongest and longest CD move for Hamon Bubble clan.

Side Note: Hamon Bubble moves are very effective against Alucard clan and (If I ever manage to get a movelist and idea of what it would be ) Wamuu + Dio clans since Hamon manifests parts of sunlight within it

Ryota's  Clan Suggestions Yamamoto_Takeshi_by_Sined_Style
Clan Name: Shigure Soen Ryu (Yammamoto Takeshi)

Clan Description: The Rain Guardian and swordsman of Vongola Families 10th generation, wields their Shigure Kintoki and uses their unbeatable Shigure Soen Ryu style with its various moves.

Clan Abilities:

Shigure Kintoki: The trademark sword passed down from generation to generation of those who use the Shigure Soen Ryu style.

Dying Will Sword: The user manifests their rain flames through their sword to help boost the damage of their sword attacks.

Shajiku no Ame (Axle of Rain): The user charges forward and attacks with a thrust. [Charge Attack]

Sakamaku Ame (Rolling Rain): The user lifts waves of water around him making it into a frontal shield, and then ducks, putting his sword protectively in front. [Shield]

Yarazu no Ame (Last Minute Rain): The user drops the katana, kicking it with their foot, to send it flying in a stab. [Proj.]

Shibuki Ame (Splashing Rain): The user holds the sword backwards and spins to create a whirlwind like shield. [Shield]

Shinotsuku Ame (Pelting Rain): The user uses the blade of the sword to cut around the bearer. Making Water or Rain flame pillars around the user that if hit an enemy, does damage to them. [AOE]

Attacko di Squalo: The user swings at a nearby target, when successfully hit the target is stunned for a few moments [Short Range Physical Skill]

Utsushi Ame (Duplicate Rain): The user makes a tidal wave with their sword and, while the target is distracted by reflection,they attack from behind [Teleport+Attack]

Rondine di Pioggia: A box weapon containing the Rain swallow Kojirou, one opened it appears beside the user and can be told to attack a target. (Also unlocks the following move)

(Strongest Move)Scontro di Rondine (Clash of the Swallow):A tidal wave of Rain Flames surrounds him while they charges (the user can change directions while charging, also per step the move drains the users mana by 10% presumeably 10 steps before it dies out), led by the Swallow Box weapon. This move stops till the user hits something, cancels the move, or runs out of mana to keep going. If one is hit with this move, it will surely do major damage.[Controllable Charge]

Side Note: Maybe a lil boost on the moves of the user is standing on water?

Also Yes, Ive realized someone else has made a suggestion page before of this character, but truthfully it was more or less copied and pasted out with little to no edits to it. (even though it is on old forums an is about a year old)

Note: Probably from now on I might just label moves with certain terms for example [AOE] or [Proj.]
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Lord Ryota

Posts : 3
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PostSubject: Re: Ryota's Clan Suggestions   Ryota's  Clan Suggestions EmptyTue May 20, 2014 7:34 am

Ryota's  Clan Suggestions Tumblr_inline_mkmzz8xXUm1qz4rgp
Clan Name: Ultimate Being (Kars)

Clan Description: Ancient Pillar Men that have now just recently awaken, they wield their Stone masks and Stone of Aja to become the Ultimate Being..

Clan Abilities:

Stone Mask With Aja Stone: By putting on the mask it will allow the player to have the option of going into Ultimate Being form.(Gained at level 300)

Light Blades: Blade like Appendages with chainsaw blades on the edges come out of the side of the users arms and legs (also unlocks following moves)

Light Blade Spin: The user spins and with their Light Blades active the will use their amazing ability to stretch their arms and swing around them. [2x2 AOE radius around user.]

Light Blade Dash: The user dashes forward with their blades infront of them in a thrusting motion. [Charge]

Ultimate Being Form: The user activates this going into their ultimate form, gaining an amazing boost in stats such as Resistance (by 2) and AP, also rids them of their weakness to sunlight and Hamon moves

Flight:By reconstructing their bodies in Ultimate being form, they are able to make their arms into bird wings,giving them the ability to fly like a bird. [Fly]

Hamon Chop:[Short Range Melee Move]

Ultimate Regeneration: The user has much better regeneration then before and ca n even absorb a portion of damage taken by about 20%

(Strongest Move)Rain Of Piranhas: The user manipulates the DNA in his arms and makes them into Piranhas, and fires them into the air, as they rain down upon enemies doing damage [7x7 AOE]

Demon Squirrel:The user changes the DNA in his hand to make a Demon squirrel that will chase and kill any enemies (works like the Alucard ghoul thing).[Friendly NPC]

Weakness: in their normal forms, Pillar Men are very weak to sunlight and hamon energy.
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Lord Ryota

Posts : 3
Join date : 2014-05-19

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PostSubject: Re: Ryota's Clan Suggestions   Ryota's  Clan Suggestions EmptyFri May 23, 2014 10:38 am

Ryota's  Clan Suggestions Kingdom_Hearts_Riku_Signature_by_Mercuphoria
"Once we step through, we might not be able to come back. We may never see our parents again. There's no turning back. But this may be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid of the darkness!"
Clan Name: Darkened Heart (Riku)

Clan Description: Those who let their hearts get consumed by darkness due to them not having any fear against it and the wanting for a certain achievement.

Clan Abilities:

Soul Eater: The famous blade used by the original creator of this clan, Riku, it has been passed down from generation to generation, a sword of almost pure darkness..

Dark Aura Blast: The user fires 3 to 4 darkness balls in whatever direction they are facing [Proj.]

Dark Shield: The User creates a dark round shield that protects from beams and projectiles [Shield]

Cure Potion: The user creates a healing potion that heals them for 40% of health, costs 35% of their Mana though, 25 sec CD [Heal]

Barrage: The user throws their Soul Eater at the enemy it also homes in on the target then summoning it back into their hand, they do this for about 3 times before stopping, 10 sec CD [Homing]

Dark Mode: The user fully manifests the darkness within them, increasing both their speed and strength.

Dark Firaga:(Dark Mode Only)The user fires a large Dark Fireball at the target that homes in till it hits target or hits something else(Wall, Tree, Shield),(Based off the users AP) this move isnt a fire type move, its a darkness move. [Homing]

Dark Aura Rampage:(Dark Mode Only)The user charges at the target and begins to hit them 5 times before jumping back and firing Darkness pillars in the North, South,East, and West

Dark Maelstrom:(Dark Mode Only)Unleash a powerful spinning attack that hits multiple enemies that are 2 tiles near the user.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryota's Clan Suggestions   Ryota's  Clan Suggestions Empty

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Ryota's Clan Suggestions
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