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 Sunny Clan

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PostSubject: Sunny Clan   Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:22 am

Sunny is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Toriko. He seeks "harmony" in his dishes which is the perfect use of ingredients, perfect handling of the food and most importantly producing a perfect taste.


Hair Punch: Arranges his hair into its intimidation form, he uses it to deliver a powerful punch to the target.

Strand Hair Punch: Uses several thousand strands of hair to enhance the size and strength of his Hair Punch.

Hair Cutter: Uses a few strands of hair as cutting implements.

Hair Spit: By forming his Feelers into sharp spikes, Sunny then impales his opponents with them.

Hair Lock:  Sunny suddenly 'locks' the Feelers around his opponent in place, restricting their movements.

Hair Net: Sunny creates a net of Feelers which surround his opponent. When his prey is within this field, he can use Hair Lock to bind its movements.

Hair Tornado: By whipping his hair around in a motion similar to a tornado

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Sunny Clan
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