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 Inuyasha Clan

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The son of a human woman and the Great Dog Demon.

Weapon: Tessaiga

Super Human Strength: Inuyasha has increased Strength
Super Human Speed: Faster than other clans
Regeneration: Recovers Health and Mana faster that other clans

Soul-Scattering Iron Claws: Inuyasha can increase his claws' range and strength to cut though objects and demons deeper than logically possible
Flying Blade Blood Claws: By dipping his claws in his own blood and channeling his yoki through his claws,can sling his yōki-infused blood at his enemies in the form of multiple, red shurikan-like crescents.
Yokai Form: Gains a boost in strength

Tessaiga True Form:
Kenatsu: This is the special ability that allows the Tessaiga to cut opponents without touching them
Wind Scar: The wielder of Tessaiga can swing the sword into the rift, releasing a powerful energy wave.

Diamond Tessaiga:
Adamant Barrage: This technique fires a barrage of diamond shrapnel when Inuyasha swings the Tessaiga

Black Tessaiga:
Meido Zangetsuha: This technique opens up a black portal several meters in diameter that sends anything within its radius directly to the Netherworld itself
Cutting Meido Zangetsuha: The Tessaiga's variant fires a barrage of black crescent-shaped portals that, after cutting its demonic opponent.
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Inuyasha Clan
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