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 Maverick Clan

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PostSubject: Maverick Clan   Maverick Clan EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 1:19 am

Maverick Clan Zero_signature_by_sieghartxx-d4fem2g

Zero, is a Maverick Hunter created by Dr. Weil. He was created to oppose Dr. Light's creation, X, who would later become his best friend. Zero was originally meant to become a Maverick and be the God of Destruction and to nullify the limitless power of X.

Hyoretsuzan: You jump up into the air with your ice-chilling saber and hit your opponent, inflicting Taijutsu based damage. Anyone who is flying will be automatically stunned and grounded.

Raijingeki: You thrust the saber in a straight-forward manner, lunging a beam of lighting that follows your target inflicting Ninjutsu based damage. Cool down of 3 seconds, no consumption.

Kuuenbu: You rotate your saber in a flashy circular movement, reflecting any projectiles back at your target and providing a temporary shield.

Shippuga: You swing your sword, turning it pinkish. As it comes in contact of your target, it smashes any shield.

Ryuenjin: You jump up with you burning saber as it strikes your opponent, for Taijutsu based damage. There is a very small chance of removing any stat buffers your target has. No consumption and a cool down of 4 seconds.

Dark Hold: You unleash a dark power that blinds everyone within a 7x7 range. You cannot use any attacks until the effects wear off, along with a cool down of 1 minute for this move.

Rakuhoaha: You grab hold of your energy and slam it into the ground releasing continuous pillars of light in north, south, east, west, and any combination of the four. Anyone standing where the pillars are, take damage equal to your Ninjutsu.

Awakening: Realizing your true potential, you unleash your power: boosting your stats and a minor speed boost. You also gain access to a very powerful move.

Nightmare Virus: The Nightmare Virus takes hold of you, awakening you as a true Maverick, The god of destruction. Your stats increase even further than awakening mode, except for the speed boost, you gain an upgraded version of Genmurei.

Genmurei Kai: The Genmurei is tainted with the power of Nightmare. Moving twice as fast than the original, it inflicts Ninjutsu based damage.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
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Maverick Clan
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