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PostSubject: EMIYA Clan   EMIYA Clan EmptyMon Sep 02, 2013 12:14 pm

EMIYA is a counter guardian of the earth that is summoned as a heroic spirit from the future to fight in the fifth Holy Grail Wars as Archer.


Body of Blades - the users body has a layer of swords under their skin increasing their strength and defence.

Sword Soul - The users understand swords so well that when they master a blade it decreases the cost of tracing them.


Kanshou and Bakuya - Equips two short blades, which boosts the users speed.

Bow Summon - Summons a bow, which boosts attack power slightly and changes the default attack to shooting a sword.

Rho Aias - Creates a 7 pronged shield that can block any incoming attack. The user cannot move while this is in use.

Kaladbolg(Bow Summon) - Summons a spiral sword that is then shot with a bow, and does powerful piercing damage.

Trace - Copies an opponent's weapon with abilities/boosts. This counts as an equip, and the target has to be in view to use
this and you have a limited number of trace storage (any other traced weapons are saved for Reality Marble).

Nine Lives Bladeworks - Instantly strikes an opponent 9 times in fatal locations.

Broken Phantasm(Trace) - The user sacrifices the traced weapon for one devastating attack.

Reality Marble; Unlimited Blade Works - A unique spell that alters reality around the user. Within the reality marble, all of the
user's traces are available for use, and increases the users power, defence, and speed greatly.
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PostSubject: Re: EMIYA Clan   EMIYA Clan EmptyMon Sep 02, 2013 8:18 pm

Good concept, But we lack the iconner to do anything here.

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