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 Kurama Clan

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PostSubject: Kurama Clan   Kurama Clan EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 7:56 am

Kurama Clan Kurama___2000_Kiriban_by_LoNColossus

Kurama. The Red Haired, intellectual demon. He uses his Rose whip and other plant like abilities to subdue his enemies. He is also known as "Yoko" while he is in the Demon Realm. This greenthumb's abilities have been passed down to you.

Weapon: Rose Whip: A long rose thorn used as a whip to subdue your enemies.

Passive Skill(Recycle): Anytime your opponent dies by the hand of your techniques, you will recover half the amount of seeds used in the attack (rounded down).

Rose Whip (1 Seed): You create your signature weapon, the Rose Whip. Your attack range is increased while equipped.

Floating Leaf(2 Seeds): You create two plant like Wings, enabling flight.

Transformation: You will undergo a transformation, taking an appearance similar to the demon fox, Yoko. Your stats will boost and you'll have infinite seeds to unleash the power of your plants.

Snare(Rose Whip): You ensare the person within the whip. This only freezes.

Rose Whip Thorn Wheel(Rose Whip): You spin the Rosewhip around yourself, releasing flower petals in a 3x3 range as a wall. The petals will block out all projectiles and anyone caught in range will be temporarily frozen.

Bloodsucking Plant: You send out a strand from plant that sucks the life force out of it's target. Giving you health combined with the targets health.

Rose Whiplash(Rose Whip): You spin around, slashing anyone within a 3x3 range with your Rose Whip.

Sprouting Vine(6 Seeds): You plant 6 seeds into the ground and make them form into a valley of thorn pillars within a 7x7 range. In addition to inflicting damage to anyone caught within, they will also be injected with lethal poison, making them lose their coordination.

Death Seed(1 Seed): While being in close range, you inject a seed into your target. It will grow and blossom into a plant, inflicting damage over time, until they die.

Death Tree(4 Seeds): chases down your target, inflicting damage equal to your Ninjutsu.

Sinning Tree(4 Seeds): The user stuns the target, Then begins to drain their HP.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
Kurama Clan LeonAsakura-2
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Kurama Clan
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