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 Mystogan Clan

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PostSubject: Mystogan Clan   Mystogan Clan EmptySun Sep 01, 2013 5:31 am

Mystogan Clan Fairy_tail_jellal_ii_by_nirvaxstiel-d4sq9xg

Jellal Fernandes, Previously a member of the Wizard Counsel and one of the 10 wizard saints.

Meteor - The user is Frozen for two seconds, Then gains a speed boost moving at immeasurable speeds.

Grand Chariot - The user creates multiple beams of light that home in on the target.

Altairis - The user fires a ball of Dark Magic.

Heavenly Arrows - The user sends Arrows of light towards his opponent.

Dark Ray - The user fires a ray of dark magic.

Bind Snake - The user places a snake that slowly drains the opponents speed until they are completely stunned.

Self Destruction Magic - The user sacrifices himself dealing high damage to anyone around.

Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song - The user creates several magic circles and releases a beam of magical energy.

Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water - the user summons a magic circle that shields them from projectiles, but keeps them in place in the process.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
Mystogan Clan LeonAsakura-2
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Mystogan Clan
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