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 Okumura Clan

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PostSubject: Okumura Clan   Okumura Clan EmptySat Aug 17, 2013 9:09 am

Okumura Clan Rin_okumura_tag_by_kurosakilucas-d3kqqjv

Okumura Clan

Okumuras are halfbreeds. Half human, half demon. But not just sons of any demon, sons of the king of demons also known as Satan. Their powers are locked away in their swords and are unleashed when they draw them.


Draw Kurikara - When you're wielding Kurikara, you can draw the sword to unleash your demon powers. The user gets clouded in bright blue flames.This gives a Health, Energy,Drive and Defence boost.

Crossfire (Kurikara)- Sends slashes of blue flames in all directions.

Scorch Strike - Creates a 3x3 AoE of flames at the location where the user clicks after triggering this technique.

Burn Shock - A 5x5 range AoE where the user engulfs the area in flames and sets everyone in it on fire.

Demon's Wrath : Grab the target and utterly rip them to shreds with your hands, teeth and your blade. This hits multiple times and every hit inflicts a 1 second stun on the target.

Demonic Inferno : Shoots a 3-tile wide wave of fire from Kurikara that erupts into a 7x7 AoE upon impact.

Outrage : The user loses control over his demon side, And becomes enraged increasing his stats but being to spam things in the chat+lose health over time..


Enhanced Regeneration - Keeps restoring Health and Energy continuously. [Effects go off when Sword is Drawn]

Enhanced Attack Speed - 200 Kurikara draws. The cooldown on all sword attacks is halved.

Leap - 50 Kurikara Draws. Basically a Yami Teleport where the user jumps to the designated location through their enhanced strenght.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
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Okumura Clan
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