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Laxus Dreyar is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. He is the grandson of Fairy Tail's Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar, and the son of the Raven Tail Guild's Master, Ivan Dreyar. He's also an artificially created second-generation Dragon Slayer who uses lightning as his element.


Shock Stun: Chance at stunning anyone hit with Abilities.


Fists of Lightning- Boosts Strength

Body of Lightning- Boosts movement, gives you fly.

Lightning Eruption- It freezes you for a moment, making yourself vulnerable
and then casts an lightning aoe on your opponents position.

Treadfull Strike of Lightning- You click and an aoe pops out there.

Raging Bolt- Shoot a ball of lightning dealing high Ability Power Damage

Second Generation Dragon Force- Gives a high boost to Ability Power and Strength, also gives the following moves.

Roar of the Lightning Dragon- A projectile that grows on uses.

Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd- A spear of lightning.

Lightning Dragon's Breakdown Fist- Shoots a 3 tile fist projectile.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
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Laxus Clan
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