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 Valkenhayn (Werewolf) Clan

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PostSubject: Valkenhayn (Werewolf) Clan   Valkenhayn (Werewolf) Clan EmptyTue Sep 03, 2013 12:07 pm

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing is a character from the blazblue franchise and Rachel Alucard's elderly butler and trusted adviser who has served the Alucard family line for generations


(All skills until wehrwolf can only be use as human)

Heel Kick: Your leg transformers into a werewolf leg and kick the person.

Downward Kick: You leg transforms and you jump up and kick the person.

Claw Grab: You grab the person with your transformed claw and pull them in causing a stun.

Drive: Wehrwolf: You transform into a werewolf for a limited time give a huge boost in Strength and ability power and giving access to the following skills.

Geschwind Wolf: Grants a speed boost at the cost of mana

Rasen Wolf: You leap in different directions (yami teleport)

Claw swipe: You swipe the person with your claw, doing decent damage. With uses can be upgraded to hit for 3 times.

K├Ânig Wolf: You spin around and attack the target (like fang over fang)

Himmel Wolf: Grabs opponent, bites them for heavy damage, and knocks them away. Untransforms once skill ends.

Sturm Wolf: Dashes to the person and strikes them a bunch of times. Does heavy damage.
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Valkenhayn (Werewolf) Clan
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