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 Gokudera Clan

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Hayato Gokudera is the 10th storm guardian and the first person recruited for the 10th generation vongola family. He specializes in the use of bombs.


Bomb throw: Throws two bombs at the opponent , as the uses increases so does the number of bombs.

Bomb spray: throws a mini bomb close to the opponent, lock on.

Bomb Blitz: Slides under the opponent and traps them in a wall of dynamite. Explodes after 5 seconds.

Rocket Bombs: Throws a homing bomb at the opponent and deals medium damage.

Air Bomb: Throws a bomb at the floor allowing a leap foward. (I think this should work like a yami teleport with a slight cool down)

Flame Missle: A missile that deals average damage on its target

Box Weapon: Gatto Tempesta: Summons the storm cat to fight along side the player.

Flame arrow: the user can equip this to increase ability power and access to the following skills.

Torrnado flame arrow: You are frozen for 4 seconds then fire a huge beam from the flame arrow.

Gatling Arrow: An attack that fires four Storm Arrows simultaneously, if hit it stuns the person for 3 seconds.

Flame Thunder: It fires a beam of Storm and Lightning Flames doing massive damage, drains a lot of mana though and has a high cool down.

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Gokudera Clan
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