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 Ulquiorra Clan

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Ulquiorra Clan Signature_Ulquiorra_schiffer_by_Tice83

Ulquiorra Schiffer, the Cuarto Espada. He is a very powerful Arrancar who has achieved a state beyond Ressureccion. His power of despair brought Ichigo Kurosaki to his knee's at very little effort. Use the emptiness of your heart to purge the world into the true meaning of despair.

Ressureccion: You release the power of Ulquiorra's Hollow form: The bat. As such, you gain a nice stat boost and sprout bat wings as well as the following attacks.

Lanza del Relampago: You create a small green lance to hold, Giving you the ability to throw it.

Segunda Etapa(Ressureccion): You will go into a stage beyond Ressureccion. You still retain moves from your previous form as well.


Cero: You make a green energy wave that inflicts damage on anything that it bumps into. This is Ninjutsu based.

Cero Oscuras(Ressureccion): A pitch black Cero with a green outline will be fired from your finger tips at anything in your path. The attack is also Ninjutsu based.

Tromba(Segunda Etapa): You will fly towards your target as such blinding speed, that it'll be nearly impossible for them to keep up. You will unleash a barrage of 6 hits on anyone within the a 7x7 range. This is based off your Ninjutsu.

Throw Lanza(Lanza del Relampago): When Lanza del Relampago is equipped, you can throw it towards your direction.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
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Ulquiorra Clan
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