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 SPARDA (Hunter) Clan(Not released)

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SPARDA (Hunter) Clan(Not released) Empty
PostSubject: SPARDA (Hunter) Clan(Not released)   SPARDA (Hunter) Clan(Not released) EmptyThu Aug 08, 2013 1:01 am

SPARDA (Hunter) Clan(Not released) Dante_Signature_II_by_MAX1mus91939

Dante The Devil Hunter, from Devil May Cry, has joined the battle. His moves are based off the Marvel vs Capcom 3 moveset.

Ebony & Ivory: Dante's trademark guns that have limitless ammunition.(While equipped "Attack" hits from 3 tiles instead of one).
Rebellion: Dante's signature sword.

Devil Trigger: You activate the demonic blood that flows through your veins.

Air Raid(Devil Trigger): You gain the ability to fly over a brief period of time, while in this, your speed is lowered slightly.

Stinger: You take up your sword and lunge it at your target straight forward.

Jam Session: You release 3 purple orbs at your target. In DT, you fire 5 orbs.

Acid Rain: You point Artemis into the sky and fire down on everyone in your view.

Revolver: You unleash a series of attacks using Cerberus on your target near you. This will also protect you from other projectiles. A cool down of 5 seconds,

Dragon Tempest: You release an aoe of fire.

Hysteric: You release a series of rockets, targeted at your opponent.

Thunderbolt(Devil Trigger): You fire an electric beam from your palm in a one tile direction.

Devil Must Die: You lunge multiple stingers at your target.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
SPARDA (Hunter) Clan(Not released) LeonAsakura-2
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SPARDA (Hunter) Clan(Not released)
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