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 Update 2.0

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PostSubject: Update 2.0   Update 2.0 EmptyWed Jul 31, 2013 8:10 am

I'd like to consider the fact we have a near bugless game with so much that it can be considered version two in the next update, Let's go on to what we have in store for you guys.

A defence stat - We was getting annoyed with the fact of if you was both equal level, No matter what HP differences you had, It was a whoever hit who first won type of game. And that was not what we was aiming for, So we added a Defence stat and it looks like it will be a huge impact on players "spamming to win".

Puppeteer clan - Although we're not exactly the most YAY about new clans, I believed that this type of clan was worth the mention. So at the moment I(Leon) havn't started working on the clan yet but with the speed I've been adding clans I'm sure it will be done before the week is done.

Nerfed - Vergil as a whole,Why? We figured hey, He's a clan that needs to get close, what if he cant? He's pretty weak, So we made his damage quite high...But testing this we found that his damage was just too good with his skill set..So we put his damage down slightly which will complement the defence system we've added.

Luffy, We fixed a bug where hit Gatling Guns(Both of them) would stun them both, Which resorted in Luffy being a very strong clan.

Fixed Gaaras Sand Coffin,And his other "stuns".

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Update 2.0 LeonAsakura-2
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Update 2.0
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