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 Update 2.2 Teaser

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PostSubject: Update 2.2 Teaser   Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:01 am

So we already have a few things ready for the next update, Or should I say...We're working on them as we speak..

So first thing is Rinnegan:You obtain this randomly at birth, But it isn't like all the other games OR the anime/manga, We wanted to make the game feel like we're not going to just stick to what's supposed to happen, We're adding our own spin..I'll list the things you get now:
No paths: You must be thinking, (What the hell, No paths? What's going on). Well, We had an idea, More...An idea that is basically this - When the child of Rinnegan is born, His paths are already awakened(by who? Noone knows) and are combined with that child...So that he has no reason to rely on more than himself to win.
Now, You've just read that and thought...The fuck are you doing? That's not Rinnegan, Well who says it cant be? Who's to say someone from another world found a way to combine them all into one unstoppable being? Noone. The abilities it will have are to be revealed when the first new player obtains it.

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Update 2.2 Teaser
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