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 Saiyan(Goku) Clan

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PostSubject: Saiyan(Goku) Clan   Fri Aug 16, 2013 6:54 am


Super Saiyan - This is the ONLY buff they get and has to be trained, this can be done as following

As you kill you obtain stacks, The more stacks you have the closer you get to obtaining an upgrade,
You first start with "False Super Saiyan", and as you go on it gets upgraded to Super Saiyan, Then Super Saiyan Two, Then Super Saiyan 3...Each giving abilities + a bigger boost.

Kamehameha - We all know this. A single tile projectile [meaning, a ball. Not a wave]
Kamehameha[In Super Saiyan] - Becomes the standard Kamehameha wave.
Kamehameha[Super Saiyan2] - Becomes a homing technique. The user teleports behind the target and fires a kamehameha wave.
Big Bang Kamehameha[Super Saiyan3] - The Kamehameha grows bigger and deals more damage.

Spirit Ball - A clickturf 3x3 AoE.

Zanzoken - A Saiyan's Yami Teleport. Self explainatory

Super Dragon Fist[Super Saiyan 3] - A homing projectile that does massive Drive damage. Can only be used once per death

Fly - Obvious

Super Energy Wave Volley - A Sand Shuriken type attack. The bolts are MUCH faster and this keeps draining energy until you either turn it off or energy hits 0

Meteor Smash - A Barrage attack where the user keeps teleporting around the target to deal Physical damage. At the end of the technique the user ends up 2 tiles south of the target.

Meteor Smash[Super Saiyan3] - The exact same as regular Meteor Smash, only at the end, after having teleported 2 tiles south of the target, you UNLEASH a Kamehameha onto them.[1 use per death]

Kamehameha Barrage - The user teleports around the target firing Kamehameha waves.

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Saiyan(Goku) Clan
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