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 Gaara Clan

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PostSubject: Gaara Clan   Gaara Clan EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 1:22 am

Gaara Clan Gaara_signature_by_Gen3siss

Gaara of the Sand, The Kazekage. Known for being the Jinchuuriki of the Shukaku and his Ability to control Sand.

Sand Armor: The user coats himself in Sand halving all damage done to him, But is unable to use another Jutsu. It also drains chakra over time.

Sand Shurikens: The user fires Shurikens in a straight line, Damaging anyone it hits.Uses Ninjutsu.

Desert Suspension: Allows the user to Fly aswell as a small speed boost, Drains Chakra over time.

Prison Sand Burial: Creates a floor of sand at target location, And deals Ninjutsu damage to anyone it hits.

Quicksand Waterfall Flow: Fires a 3 tiled wave of sand damaging anyone it hits. Uses Ninjutsu.

Sand Coffin: The user stuns his target, and after a short while crushes the Coffin to deal Ninjutsu damage.

Sand Binding Prison: The user puts his target into a Prison of sand stunning them.

Desert Layered Imperial Funeral: Similar to Sand Binding Prison but stuns for a larger duration.

Sand Drizzle: The user creates sand around his opponent and drags the sand into his opponent. Ninjutsu Damage

Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack: Spear of Shukaku: The user throws a giant spear hitting and piercing anyone it hits.

Ultimately Hard Absolute Defence: Shield of Shukaku: Summons a wall of defence that cannot be flown over.

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Gaara Clan
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