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 Takeshi Yamamoto2

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takeshi yamamoto

Title 10th Vongola Rain Guardian

Famiglia Vongola Famiglia


Vongola Decimo & Guardians
Team Reborn (former)
Allied Team (former)


Shigure Kintoki
Ugetsu Asari's Four Irregular Swords
Box Animal Jirou and Kojirou
Flame Rain

Family Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (Father)
Fighting style: Seiyu Suguru Inoue


1 Shajiku no Ame  (Axle of Rain) - Offensive. Yamamoto charges forward and attacks with a thrust.

2 Sakamaku Ame  (Rolling Rain) - Defensive. Yamamoto lifts waves of water around him, and then ducks, putting his sword protectively in front.

3 Yarazu no Ame  (Last Minute Rain) - Offensive. Yamamoto drops the katana, kicking it with his foot, to send it flying in a stab.

4 Gofuu Juuu (May Wind, October Rain) - Defensive. Yamamoto synchronizes with his opponent's breathing to evade attacks.

5 Samidare(Early Summer Rain) - Offensive. Yamamoto slashes diagonally but in midway he drops the sword, switching hands, before finishing the attack.

6 Unknown, deducted to be defensive.

7 Shibuki Ame (Splashing Rain) - Defensive. Yamamoto holds the sword backwards and spins to create a whirlwind like shield.

8 Shinotsuku Ame (Pelting Rain) - Offensive. Yamamoto uses the blade of the sword to cut around the bearer. Yamamoto can also use Rain Flames with this move if there's no water. An alternative version was used by Future Yamamoto with hot water called
Shinotsuku Nettou.

9 Utsushi Ame (Duplicate Rain) - Offensive. Yamamoto makes a tidal wave with his sword and, while his opponent is distracted by his reflection, he attacks from above.

10 Scontro di Rondine (Clash of the Swallow) - Offensive. A tidal wave of Rain Flames surrounds him while he charges, led by the Swallow from his Box.

11 Beccata di Rondine (Swallow's Beak) - Offensive. Yamamoto thrusts his blade multiple times with one hand.
Aggregate Art: Jiunoka (Rainy Metamorphosis) - Defensive + Offensive.Yamamoto combines all his forms to strike moving objects with rain flames, causing them to slow down to the point that they appear to be frozen in place.

12 Sadachi: Kirisame (Brazen Left Blade: Drizzle)- Offensive. Yamamoto uses the Jirou left sword of his Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear to attack with multiple compressed airwaves which can "Sniff" out an enemy, making this perfect against illusionists.

12 Udachi: Kirisame (Brazen Right Blade: Cutting Rain)- After Sadachi: Kirisame, this attack is different in that the waves are shaped like Kojirou and can cut the opponent who has been "Sniffed" by Jirou.

Movie about all forms he uses:
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Takeshi Yamamoto2
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