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 New Ranking System

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PostSubject: New Ranking System   New Ranking System EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 8:47 pm

Okay, So I've been discussing this with a few people. And they're for the idea but I believe I should at least get your players input.

So, We want to remove ranks like Kage/Academy Student,etc. And put more emphasis on PVP, By making a "League" System, These Leagues will determine how strong you are etc

Bronze - under 30 points

Silver - over 30 points

Gold - over 50 points

Diamond - over 100 points

Master League - over 500 points.

You obtain these points by wins.
What it means by "wins" is the new arena system basically gives you a win/loss determined by the outcome, and will then be applied etc. Now to stop people making alts to get spam kill, You CANNOT multi-key fight, If you have two computers and do it... and we find out you will be banned. "Why don't you just block IPs from fighting" because two people MAY actually be legit brothers/friends etc, and stopping them fighting would be unfair.

Now take into account, you CAN go down Leagues by losing too much, So weither you get a buddy to boost you or not..If you're in masters league and don't have a legit reason to fight...You will go down ranks. This is to make people NEED to pvp to stay in there Leagues, We may add a system to remove a point while you're inactive but we're not sure yet most likely not.


we're removing normal ranks, Adding in a League system, Can go down from too many losses..you're mom.

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New Ranking System LeonAsakura-2
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New Ranking System
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