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 Farewell, Everyone Q.Q

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Farewell, Everyone Q.Q Empty
PostSubject: Farewell, Everyone Q.Q   Farewell, Everyone Q.Q EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 2:20 pm

.Today of August, 9th, 2013. I Mr. K.Dot Have been Banned till I die. I just wanted to say a last good bye to everyone before my stay with you in the ACUW Community ended . I had fun here with the players and staff, And Had fun enjoying this game. I wanted to see the game Progress more and Achieve Heights unknown to Byond. I wanted to be there for those Moments. But it looks like my Stay was cut short. Learn from my mistakes and don't invite a shitload of people to your guild just to boot them afterwards for shits and giggles  cuz shit gets serious quick. Make sure you read the rules carefully. Lastly i want to say  Try not to get on Leon's Nerves he easily Gets Mildly Annoyed and it is the quickest way to get banned he works hard trying too keep the game together for his players don't take him for granted like i did., Also i want to say good bye mostly too, Zoom, Lurkan, Shozen, Riku , And Obey. If you wish to contact me furthermore my Byond Key is JayXkilla, Good Bye Everyone and Try not too get the Ban Hammer.

- Sincerely, K.Dot
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Farewell, Everyone Q.Q
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