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 Bloodedge Clan

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PostSubject: Bloodedge Clan   Bloodedge Clan EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 6:49 am

Bloodedge Clan Ragna_signature_by_firebomb9-d2xjumy

Ragna the Bloodege, after suffering a cruel twist of fate by Terumi, he has been training with Jubei and received the Azure Grimoire. Use the power of the Azure to install fear in your victims.

Passive Skill(Soul Eater): Due to having the Azure Grimoire inside of you; your attacks gain the ability to drain the soul out of your victims and powering up your own soul.

Blood Kain: This release the power of the Azure, Blazblue. You gain a dark aura while your stats are multiplied. However, your HP drains while in this form (you will not die from the drain, but it will deactivate before you hit 0.)

Death Spike: Your release Dark Energy in the form of the Black Beasts head from the ground that attacks your target. Ability Power based  Damage.

Devoured by Darkness(Blood Kain): You dash over to your target and release an AoE around them. The move will hit two times. HP Recovery on the final hit. (If it kills them on the first hit, 10% of their HP will be added to your Maximum HP).

Carnage Scissors: You run over to anyone within your screen and hit them twice with your sword.

Gauntlet Hades: You dash towards anyone 2 tiles away from you and hit them.

Black Onslaught: Utilizing the power of the Azure Grimoire, you hit your target 6 times with your sword (Each hit is Strength based). Following up you release a 7x7 which deals Ability Power based Damage to anyone within range.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
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Bloodedge Clan
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