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 Future progress

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Future progress Empty
PostSubject: Future progress   Future progress EmptyThu Aug 08, 2013 9:23 am

Okay, So I've kind of neglected the suggestions on the forum. And now i'll tell you exactly why and what's going to be happening for future additions.

So, Before I start handling suggestions, I want to get my own selfish clans out of the way...Since honestly, A lot of the ones we have I don't really like as a playing style for me(Yusuke,Hiei,Kurama,Uchiha,Gaara,Luffy,Natsu,Ulquiorra,etc). So I'll put a list of clans I want to add before we start handling suggestions in a more productive manner.

Issei(DONE)(Highschool DxD),
Marluxia(Kingdom Hearts)(DONE),
Noctis(Final Fantasy Versus),
Shu(Guilty Crown),
Rin Okumura(Ao no Exorcist)(DONE),
Crow(Deadman Wonderland),
Edward Elric(Full Metal Alchemist),
Kaname(Vampire Knight),
Mystogan(Fairy Tail)(DONE),
Laxus(Fairy Tail)(DONE),
Gray (Fairy Tail)(DONE),
Yoh Asakura(Shaman King).

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Future progress
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