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 Code: 03 / Yuuki Clan.

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Code: 03 / Yuuki Clan. Empty
PostSubject: Code: 03 / Yuuki Clan.   Code: 03 / Yuuki Clan. EmptySat Aug 03, 2013 11:28 am

Code: 03 / Yuuki Clan. Code_breaker___yuuki_tenpouin_by_mikedu44800-d5r5h2p

Yuuki Tenpouin is a Code:Breaker whose codename is Code: 03. He has the ability to manipulate sound.

Speed of Sound: The user increases his speed drastically, Seemingly able to move so fast you leave mirror images.

Sonic Sew: The user moves at super sonic speed and strikes the opponent with sound waves firing in all directions when hit.

Noise Crush: The user emits sound and crushes the ground below them creating a crater and damaging anyone around him.

Scarlet Phoneme: The user creates a shield of Sound, It is practically unbreakable and the users defence goes up by 3 and a high boost in Ninjutsu.

Sound Life: The user sends his shield to another player, Healing them but killing the user.(Guilds should LOVE this ability during wars).

Million Phoneme: The user creates a giant area of sound that any projectile to go through it has it's damage nullified against the user.

Sound Repulse: The user fires waves of sound in all directions.

Echo Shot: Fires 5 bullets of sound that on contact scatter off into more.

Sound of Repulsion: Pushes anyone close back 3 tiles.

Sound of Destruction: Emits I high pitch frequency dealing high damage to anyone around.

All offensive abilities are Ninjutsu.

Not gonna lie, Creamed a little making this.

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Code: 03 / Yuuki Clan. LeonAsakura-2
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Code: 03 / Yuuki Clan.
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