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 Demon Sitter (Beelzebub's Tatsumi Oga) Beelzebub anime and Manga

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Demon Sitter (Beelzebub's Tatsumi Oga) Beelzebub anime and Manga Empty
PostSubject: Demon Sitter (Beelzebub's Tatsumi Oga) Beelzebub anime and Manga   Demon Sitter (Beelzebub's Tatsumi Oga) Beelzebub anime and Manga EmptySat Aug 03, 2013 9:04 am

Tatsumi Oga  is the main protagonist in the Beelzebub series.

Clan Passives:
Demon kings Muscle: Small Taijutsu boost apon picking clan.

Demonic Baby sitter: You carry around a baby on your back that gives you all you all your skills the more you train  and  gain experience. .

Clan Skills:

Zebul Spell: The user covers his whole right arm in purple Demonic Energy for  strong melee  punch combo's to the enemy (lasts for 15 seconds before going off)

Demon Lords Roar: Like the Zebul spell the user again use's the demonic energy on his right arm but then releases it and a wide spread close range blast.

Demon Lord's Burning seal: The user spreads the dark purple demonic energy to his legs to blast off at a faster rate. (Gives speed boost)

Super Milk time: When the user Drinks the user drinks the milk he becomes synchronized  with the demonic baby on his back over loading with near uncontrollable demonic power . the demonic energy spreads over his whole body and he becomes much stronger, also making Zebul spell last 30 seconds instead of 15. the user gains butterfly like  wings and hair turns into a bright green. because the demon energy load can take over his body the user only has 2 minutes inside this transformed state. (suggesting long CD) (unlocks strongest attack Demon kings rampage.)

Nadeshiko- a move that allows the user to use his own power to smash the ground and cause a peirceing gust of wind to go at the enemy ( could tweak the spirt gun/ gum gum rocket pistol

Zebul Elbum: User transfers the energy to both arms hitting the enemy with a combo of punches then five second 3 seconds after the combo is over the user's soul explodes from all the demonic energy transfers into it. (hurts the user if in close range when explosion happens) (similar to Gatling gun)

Champions Drop- User grabs his opponent and smashes his head into the ground.

Demon Kings Rampage: The user puts a shitload of energy into one huge cero like beam destroying everything in it's path a very deadly move. (Super Milk time needed to perform)

Well that's all i got hope you enjoy :/

- Sincerely, K.Dot
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Demon Sitter (Beelzebub's Tatsumi Oga) Beelzebub anime and Manga
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