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 Branch of Sin/ Crow claw (Crow) Deadman Wonderland

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Branch of Sin/ Crow claw (Crow) Deadman Wonderland Empty
PostSubject: Branch of Sin/ Crow claw (Crow) Deadman Wonderland   Branch of Sin/ Crow claw (Crow) Deadman Wonderland EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 6:19 pm

Senji Kiyomasa a.k.a Crow is one of the major supporting characters in the series and a Deadman previously imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland. He is the first Deadman Ganta encountered. He has trained Ganta and helped him on multiple occasions.

this is just a quick move set i thought of for crow feel free to make any changes are just  blow this whole idea off ill just be happy if you look at it thanks!- K.Dot

Clan Passives:

Eagle Muscle- Naturally has more advanced taijutsu then most clans.

Branch of sin:- Gives the user to be able to control his Blood, Damaging himself but in turn can damage his enemy with even more Pain.

Branch of sin Crow claws- The user slices his forearms and creates sharp claws of blood gives a small taijutsu boost and opens up to all his other skills

Clan Battle Skills :

Crow claw Extended Slash- the user stretches his Blood Limits and increases the range of his Crow Claws into a devastating 2 tile  ranged Slash.

Invisible Black- the user pumps all his blood into the palms of his hand and releases a series of Invisible Homing Blood Blades Slicing up the Enemy with something they can't see.

Crow Claw Barrier- the user makes 8 Crow Claws come out of his Body Damaging People Near him he get cut by the Long Claws.

Crow Claw Grave- with 25% HP left the user sacrifices his arms and turns the whole thing into crow claws dealing way more melee Damage then ever Before.
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Branch of Sin/ Crow claw (Crow) Deadman Wonderland
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