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 Vergil/Slayer Clan

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PostSubject: Vergil/Slayer Clan   Vergil/Slayer Clan EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 1:08 am

Vergil/Slayer Clan VergilSparda

Vergil, the second son of Sparda. He wishes to attain power so that he can become a powerful demon, like his father before him.

Located in the Sand
Weapon: Yamato: Vergil's trademark katana
Beowulf: A pair of gauntlets and greaves from Beowulf the Lightbeast

Devil Trigger: You activate the demonic blood that flows through your veins. Your stats are boosted, along with a slight speed boost and minor HP recovery however your energy is depleted very rapidly.

Hyper Fist(Beowulf): You lunge at your target and unleash a barrage of blinding punches. Each hit is strength based. 7 second cool down.

Real Impact(Beowulf): A highly-focused, one-hit power attack that inflicts massive damage to anyone within range. No cool down nor consumption.

Air Trick: You teleport next to your target within your view in a different position each time (either, above, below, to the sides or diagonally of them). 5 second cool down.

Rapid Slash(Yamato): You dash towards your opponent, slashing and appearing in front of them. Damage is Strength based to anyone within a 3x3 range of the target. 10 second cool down.

Dimensional Slash(Yamato): You unsheathe your Yamato and slash everyone in your view. Each hit is Strength based damage. Energy consumption of 10%.

Summoned Swords: You summon a homing blue sword at your target. Each sword is a consumption of 5% of energy.

Dark Angel(Yamato & Devil Trigger): You summon the blue Summoned Swords and strike down in a 7x7 AoE, inflicting damage equal to your Ninjutsu & Strength. Cool down of 30 seconds and energy consumption of 25%.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
Vergil/Slayer Clan LeonAsakura-2
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Vergil/Slayer Clan
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