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PostSubject: Game Guide   Game Guide EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 9:32 pm

Have no idea what to do? Decided not to read the pop-up in game? Well you came to the right place, Here will be guides written by the owner to help you advance in the game without pestering everyone.

I cant rest in the forest OMG: There's now a house in the middle of the forest where you can go and rest up, PVP is disabled inside their and no, People cannot shoot projectiles through and hit you.

What the hell is Mana,Ability Power, Strength and Resistance.

Mana = Chakra

Ability Power = Ninjutsu

Strength = Taijutsu

Resistance = Defence,

Why the change? People were complaining that it was too "Naruto" stats wise, So we changed the names to not really resemble any anime...So people can really take into account this isn't a Naruto game.

Training Methods&&Rank requirements

How do I train? There are two methods of training, Npc killing and log training, I recommend training until around level 100 maybe less depending on your clan. Then going out to kill the Rogues.

Where are the logs? Upstairs in the building you spawn outside of, Best way to find an Academy is to look for the while dot in the middle.

How do I rank up? Okay, So we introduce a League system here. To make PVPing more...Used, So you don't have a rank or a cap(until 2k) but you DO have Leagues you are in..Bronze,Silver,Gold,Diamond,Master. To get into one of these you have to fight in Ranked Matches.

What do I get for each rank: Well, Since just saying "ERMAHGAWD I AM GOLD NOW", and that being pretty much all you can say...We give each rank an experience multiplier. Bronze, Doesn't have one, Silver has a 1.4, Gold as a 1.9, Diamond has a 2.4 and Masters have a 3 experience multiplier.

So I'm Master Rank what now? Before the next wipe, We will have a "Masters tournament" then winner of that gets some prize for after the wipe...And also the title/medal of whatever wipe champion...So Season One Champion etc.

So are villages still used? Pretty much, No.. They're just a spawn point really, But I guess you can pretend that you're the leader of the Village when you hit Masters League?

What happened to Orgs? They will also be removed, Making room for Guilds to shine more.

Clans && Requirements

Now, The most frequently asked question is "What are the requirements for -insert clan here-s abilities, The correct response would be..Just keep training until you reach them. But as that answer doesn't get through to them, I will post the requirements for all abilities here.

Clan Requirements:

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
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Game Guide
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