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 Yukihina Clan

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PostSubject: Yukihina Clan   Yukihina Clan EmptyTue Sep 10, 2013 8:55 am

Yukihina has the ability to manipulate the Forms of Water, allowing him to create any shape, form, mass, or density however he chooses


Water Vapor Transportation: Enables you to turn you body into water vapor allowing to click teleport.

Water shield: Forms a water shield around you, increasing your defense.

Water Sphere Barrage: Creates and launches homing spheres of water.

High Mist Death Scythe: Causes a phreatic explosion by turning water into vapor.

Aqua Sword:  By forming a water sword, you dash towards your target slashing them three times.

Water Sword Barrage: Teleport behind the target, slashing them six times.

Water Vapor Reflection: Creates a water vapor shield that reflects an enemy attack.

Tsunami: Sends out three waves of water in all directions.

Aqua Cannon: Releases a three tiled water beam towards your target.

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