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 Byakuran Clan

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Byakuran is the former Boss of the Gesso Famiglia, the former leader of the Millefiore Famiglia.

Sky Mare Ring: Byakuran is capable of firing bolts of energy from the Ring.

White Dragon: The White Dragon is Byakuran's Box Weapon. It was made with the highly advanced technology of the Millefiore Famiglia and is exclusively for him.

Black Dragon: The Black Dragon is able to split and multiply, making it harder for the enemy to avoid attacks.

Wings: Byakuran's scars on his back have been revealed to be space for him to grow a set of White Wings made of Dying Will Flames.

White Finger: Byakuran simply focuses Sky Flames from his ring and launches a powerful shockwave.

Transparent Giant Hand: Able to create a giant hand which is linked to his own, to capture the enemy from a distance.

Black Flame Attack: Concentrates Black Flames from his hand which rotates at an extremely high speed and then releases them as a blast.

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