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As a kid Bo-bobo first learned of his ability to hear the voices of hair.


Nosehair Barrier: A move that is meant to protect Bo-bobo, by covering his entire head with nosehairs
Nosehair Snake Fist: Bo-bobo sends a straight nosehair into the opponent's nostril, paralyzing him/her
Bababa-ba Ba-baba: Bo-bobo attacks with his nose hairs to all directions.
True Fist of the North Snot: Strikes the enemy hard with multiple nose hair.
Unwished Hair Removal Group Emergency Movement: Dashes to the opponent to hit them with his nose hairs.
Nosehair Sword: Combines two of his nosehairs into a weapon to slash enemies.
Surface to Hair Missiles: Bo-Bobo's afro splits into three layers and shoots missiles at the enemy
Nose Hair Spider Web Hold: Traps the enemy in a web of nose hair.
Ninja Nasal Hair Twister: Bo-bobo fires ring-like nosehair at the opponent.
Nosehair Alley: Sends out several nose hairs (20 are counted) to attack his enemy
Nose Hair Bazooka: Bo-bobo punches King Nosehair at the enemy.

Super Bo-bobo: Bo-bobo is given a new jacket that increases his powers, must be wearing it if he wants its power
Shinsetsu Form: After yanking out two of his nosehairs, Bo-bobo ascends to a new powerful form, where he gains a black jacket, with black finger less gloves, and wears a see-through visor over his sunglasses.

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