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 Exorcist (Mugen)

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PostSubject: Exorcist (Mugen)   Exorcist (Mugen) EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 2:55 am

Wielding a sword with supernatural powers,the shape of the sword can change over time

Weapon(s): Chokuto, Katana

Enhanced Artificial Regeneration: Can recover faster than other clans
Speed: Naturally faster than other clans

First Illusion Netherworld Insects: swing the sword and release a small swarm of supernatural creatures that devour your opponent.
Double Illusion Sword: covers the sword and scabbard in a coat of energy and generates an energy blade, creating two impossibly sharp weapons. The second blade that he creates over his scabbard can also be just a pure energy blade.
Eight Flower Mantis: Using the Double Sword Illusion, slashes the enemy eight times. The slashes collectively resemble a flower.

Ascending Flower: Activates the power of the tattoo, and the pupils change into three dots
Forbidden Spell Triple Illusion: Drastically increases his speed and strength at the cost of some of your life
Exploding Spirit Cut: Makes a slash that seems to create small explosions and is strong enough to cut through a Level 4 Akuma.

Fourth Illusion Style: Pupils change to four dots, gains another drastic increase in speed and power
Fifth Illusion Style: Mugens blade changes color and emits a large amount of dark, lightning-like energy
Ripping Flash Claw: Unleashes seven sharp energy beams
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Exorcist (Mugen)
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