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Senbonzakura(Shinigami/Byakuya) Empty
PostSubject: Senbonzakura(Shinigami/Byakuya)   Senbonzakura(Shinigami/Byakuya) EmptyTue Sep 03, 2013 7:04 am

Senbonzakura(Shinigami/Byakuya) Kuchiki_Byakuya_Signature__by_Gen3siss

Byakuya kuchiki the wielder of the Senbonzakura, Which has the ability to control petals.


Shikai: Summons a moveable set of Petals.

Bankai: Summons 6 petals each side of the user.

Senkai:makes a wall of Swords around the users area of sight.

Gokei: Encases the enemy in Petals and damages them.

Hakuteiken: boosts the user.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, and an angry requiem for evil.
Senbonzakura(Shinigami/Byakuya) LeonAsakura-2
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