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 Roronoa Zoro Clan

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PostSubject: Roronoa Zoro Clan   Roronoa Zoro Clan EmptySun Sep 01, 2013 7:45 am

Roronoa Zoro a.k.a Pirate Hunter Zoro a member of the Straw Hat Crew from One Piece. He is a highly talented swordsman who uses his own style Santoryu or 3 blade style clutching one katana in his teeth and the others in hand. His physical strength, endurance, agility and speed are far above any normal human.

Oni-Giri: Zoro dashes forward towards his target slashing with his blades at a high speed.

Santoryu Ogi: Sanzen Sekai: Zoro spins 2 blades at high speed while moving toward his opponent creating a buzz saw like attack that slices the target multiple times.

Tatsu-Maki: Zoro spins while wielding 3 blades creating a 3x3 AoE that damages and knocks back the opponent.

Ni Gorilla: Zoro flexes his arms increasing his physical strength x2 for a short period of time.

Nigori-Zake: (with Ni-Gorilla active) Zoro slashes in a scissor like pattern with intent to decapitate target or deal great damage.

Kiki Kyutoryu: Asura: Zoro manifest his spirit and his form changes to give the appearance he has 6 arms and 3 heads increasing his physical strength x3.

Asura: Makyusen: Zoro's most powerful technique, Zoro moves at his target at high speed striking with 9 blades in a circular pattern dealing devastating damage.

Asura: Ichibugin: Zoro bursts toward a target in a 4x4 radius with a 9 sword slash dealing heavy damage.

(I would figure most of these would be based off the player's strength attribute  buffs consume mana and possibly some hp to balance it out.)
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Roronoa Zoro Clan
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