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 Shadow Dragon Slayer

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PostSubject: Shadow Dragon Slayer   Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:28 am

Rogue, One of the twin dragons of the Sabertooth guild, He is a third generation Dragon Slayer and uses Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic.


Shadow Dragon's Roar - Releases a wave of Shadow Magic, Which can be later upgraded to 3-5 tiles.

Shadow Dragons Crushing Fang - The user teleports behind the target, Then summons Shadow Magic to attack them.

Shadow Dragon's Claw - The user teleports behind the target, slashing them.

Shadow Drive - Boosts the users Strength and Ability Power.

Dragon Force - Allows the user to click teleport, Boosts the users strength and ability power.

Dragon Slayer Secret Art Speed of the Shadow Dragon(Dragon Force) - Increases the users speed.

Dragon Slayer Secret Art Shadow Explosion(Dragon Force) - Summons an AOE of shadow magic.

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Shadow Dragon Slayer
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