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 Ice Make Magic

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PostSubject: Ice Make Magic   Ice Make Magic EmptyThu Aug 29, 2013 2:41 am

Ice Make Magic Gray_signature_by_mei7178-d5py57e

Ice-Make is a Caster-Type Magic involving the creation of objects using ice.

Passive: Ice Mold: Every ability has a chance to freeze then enemy on hit.


Ice Make: Eagle: The user fires an animated Eagle in a straight line.

Ice Make: Gorilla: The user summons an animated Gorilla that attacks a selected target.

Ice Make: Hedgehog: The user becomes encased in spikes, Dealing damage to anyone in a 1 tile radius.

Ice Make: Tiger: The user summons an animated Tiger that lunges toward the enemy.

Ice Make: Dragon: The user creates a dragon from below the selected target.

Ice Make: Arrow: The user fires an wave of arrows, dealing piercing damage.

Ice Make: Cannon: The user fires a powerful Cannonball of ice, instantly freezing anyone hit.

Ice Make: Prison: The user creates a prison around the enemy freezing them.

Ice Make: Geyser: the user sends spikes of ice towards an enemy and on contact, Explodes into an AOE of ice.

Ice Make: Lance: The user creates 2 homing lances that deal piercing damage.

Ice Make: Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance: The user teleports behind the opponent and hits them 3 times.

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Ice Make Magic
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