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Currently Looking for Staff for NSW and AC:UW, Apply -
Currently looking for staff for the forums-
Anyone who is active on the forums will obtain Masked Man in NSW as soon as he is released.



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PostSubject: Application   Application EmptyWed Aug 28, 2013 7:58 am

Name: Niko
Byondkey: nick98los
IGN: >.> natsu
Average game time: depends on work and school normally about 4 hours
Reason for wanting gm: I would love to help out how ever i can. I want to try to have more tournaments/activities for players so they have more things to do. I would like to help the new players with learning how to get certain moves or even some custom icons. Thats just a few reason why i wanted to submit this GM application.
Skills: i can handle a bad situation for example a fight breaks out in OOC i can break it up. I can help newer players get around if they need to get another village i am there to guide them and help out.

Have a great day - nick
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