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Currently Looking for Staff for NSW and AC:UW, Apply -
Currently looking for staff for the forums-
Anyone who is active on the forums will obtain Masked Man in NSW as soon as he is released.


 ZerO's Application

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ZerO's Application Empty
PostSubject: ZerO's Application   ZerO's Application EmptySun Aug 25, 2013 9:39 pm

Name(If you want to reveal it): Dagon Riddle


BYOND Key: Deagonman20

Average Game Time:8+ hours

Why you want this spot:i like helping out the new players and doing events and things as well as i would like to help this game grow even larger.

Skills:dealing with restless or rowdy players and im starting to learn how to icon (not very good yet).

More in detail reason why you think you are suited for the job, and why you should be picked over other applicants. i really like this game and want to help improve it as well as make it even more fun for the players so i hope you choose me.
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ZerO's Application
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